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The world of sports on one tradeshow, THE NW MATERIALS SHOW !

American Events, Inc. produces four semi-annual top shows for material and component sourcing, known as The Materials Show.
The company connects global suppliers with apparel and footwear manufacturers, bringing together industry professionals for 27 years.
The event provides a platform for networking and fostering community in the athletic and outdoor industry.

Our wide range of innovative solutions

​​​​​​Arkema - and its specialty adhesives solution division Bostik - will highlight its wide range of innovative solutions, including: 
  • World famous Pebax® elastomers, a full range of high-performance materials used for their lightness, outstanding energy return, as well as their exceptional toughness and flexibility. 
  • Highly filled Glass or Carbon fiber reinforced Rilsan® Polyamide 11 grades, allowing ever thinner designs.
  • Rilsan® Polyamide 11 materials, cornerstone of the development of additive manufacturing for mass production of performing parts and allowing lightweighting of structural/functional elements.
  • Rilsan® Polyamide 11 materials for textile applications, a more sustainable alternative to conventional yarn materials with excellent mechanical performance, very low moisture absorption and touch feeling.
  • Bostik portfolio for textile lamination and shoes assembly (hot melt or reactive adhesives as liquid, powder, pellets, web and films), offering versatility, efficiency and more sustainability to sport apparel and shoes manufacturing, including innovations such as stitchless clothing.
  • Born2Bond™ engineering adhesives for wearable electronics (smart watch, GPS, sensors…) with high-end technologies such as UV-CIPG (Cure In Place Gasketing) and HMPUR (Hot Melt Polyurethane) enabling high bonding performance and precise dispensing across different applications and assembly processes.

Our products

Pebax® Elastomer Family 
  • Product range

Pebax® thermoplastic elastomers consist of polyamide and polyether backbone blocks. ...

Rilsan® Polyamide Family
  • Product range

High performance polyamides that deliver toughness, flexibility, chemical resistance, and permeation resistance. Many grades are bio-based.