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Wire and Cable

Kynar Flex® fluoropolymer resins are used to make jacketing material for transportation applications where flexibility, toughness, and resistance to chemicals and corrosive fluids are important. Kynar® and Kynar Flex® resins are processible on standard polyolefin equipment, enabling easy processing.

Kynar® PVDF also offers high temperature performance, flexibility, flame retardancy, and aggressive chemical, abrasion and cut-through resistance. 

Battery busbar coating

BEV and HEV applications require highly resistant material to guarantee sustainable and durable vehicle operation. One key component of the battery system is the busbar. Busbars combine a system of electrical conductors, which collect and distributes electrics current to power vehicle subsystems. This power distribution component consists of copper or aluminum conductors and an insulated coating for high-temperature applications.

Our bio-based Rilsan® PA11 coatings meet all the requirements needed for the extreme performance challenges of busbar applications. Rilsan® PA11 coatings provide exceptional abrasion resistance as well as thermal and chemical resistance.

Lithium Ion Battery 

EV batteries demand extreme performance, especially for weight reduction, life expectancy, safety, and charging time. Kynar® PVDF has been used in the produciton of lithium ion batteries since the 1990's and continues to lead the industry as a high performance electrode binder solution.


Key benefits of Kynar® PVDF binder solutions: 
  • High adhesion allows for reduced binder loading and higher active material content. This produces a higher capacity battery
  • Electrochemical stability and inertness produces a longer life expectancy
  • Improved safety can be achieved thanks to exceptional oxidation and chemical resistance
  • Adapted swelling behavior enhance ionic exchange levels, enabling faster charging time



Key Performance Characteristics for Wire & Cable

  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Compatible with oil, fuel and automotive fluids
  • Low smoke and self extinguishing
  • Resistance to sunlight
  • Excellent cut-through resistance
  • Resistance to electrical arc tracking
  • Meets MIL-W-81044/12 - SAE AS81044/12 standards
  • Meets SAE J1127/28/30/39 standards
  • Meets ISO 6722 standards

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Key Performance Characteristics for Battery

  • High electrochemical, thermal, and chemical stability
  • High purity
  • Ease of processing
  • Excellent adhesion and cohesion between particles
Grades for battery applications:
  • Kynar® HSV 900 (Datasheet US / SI)
  • Kynar® HSV 1800 (Datasheet US / SI)

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