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We believe that we can solve many of the world’s extreme performance challenges by working in collaboration with key partners.


Over 50 Years of Proof

With a 50-year legacy of solving some of the world’s most extreme material challenges, Arkema’s High Performance Polymers continue to evolve to meet the challenges of a world that is becoming even more extreme.

Our three flagship brand families, Kynar®, Pebax® and Rilsan®, represent some of the world’s highest performing polymers across an array of diverse markets, each of which demands durability, longevity and consistency of supply across the globe.

We Believe in Collaboration

We are more successful in the race to innovate if we "run together". For many years, we have held an open invitation for our customers - both new and old, to join us in technical exploration.

We believe that very often, our customers can see a part of the challenge for the end-user and we may see another. Together, our vision is expanded and our chances of success are increased.

Let's Run Together™

We are committed to the safety of our customers, our employees, and the global community in which we operate. We are proud to be among the world’s leaders in biobased and lightweight high performance polymers as well as our unmatched global integrated manufacturing and R&D capabilities.

We aim to serve our customers locally while supplying them globally. Most importantly, we want to innovate with a common vision and a common mission, in collaboration with our customers.

We Believe in Supplying You Globally While Serving You Locally

We believe in global supply. Our recent rapid expansion history in Asia proves the point.

Many of our customers are global and demand that their high performance materials may be sourced from many locations depending on their own manufacturing footprint.

With fluoropolymer and polyamide manufacturing facilities in all three major regions - Europe, Asia, North America - we are ready to supply you globally!

We Believe in This Planet

We are the world's leading supplier of biobased long chain polyamide polymers. Our flagship polymer family, Rilsan® PA11 is based 100% on feedstock derived from the oil of the castor bean.

Castor beans do not compete with the human or animal food chain. And the beans are grown almost exclusively in hot, arid, barren landscapes. There is no competition with rain forest or food crops. Further, the castor bean crop is non GMO and is inherently insect and drought resistant - requiring little man-supplied irrigation or insecticide.

Further, Arkema is a proud member of the Sustainable Castor initiative in India, teaching irrigation, crop rotation and sustainable soil treatment practices to the farming community in India.

We Believe in the Future

The world is becoming more extreme. What seemed impossible just a few years ago, has become commonplace today. And the trend continues...driven by a combination of extreme technological advancement and a basic need for simple human requirements.

Each extreme challenge presents an opportunity for growth and advancement.

The key lies in our ability to innovate with a vision and a partner. 


An extreme world needs extreme materials.