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COMPAMED is the world's leading platform for state-of-the-art medical technology. Together with newcomers, the most important companies in the industry will demonstrate the products and technology concepts that will have a lasting impact on the industry in the coming months. The focus will be on innovative materials, forward-looking components and new services. In recent years, COMPAMED has developed into a global hotspot for complex high-tech solutions in microtechnology and nanotechnology.

Arkema will be displaying its high-performance polymers to meet the special requirements in the medical sector  in cooperation with its European distributor Mednet.

Arkema's high performance polymers Pebax® MED, Rilsan® MED, Rilsamid® MED, Rilsan® Clear MED and Kynar® MED are manufactured exclusively for the medical device market and are Class VI, ISO 10993-4 and -5 tested. 

  • Rilsan® Clear MED grades offer an outstanding combination of transparency, lightweight, chemical resistance, and flexibility used in applications such as BPA-free and BPS-free respiratory masks, medical tubing, and storage containers. 
  • Pebax® MED grades range from soft, flexible and elastomeric properties to semi-rigid properties, similar to polyamides. Its remarkable processability make it an excellent choice for extrusion of medical grade tubing or film applications, and easily compounded with medical additives to provide enhanced lubricity or radiopaque properties, among others.
  • Rilsan® MED products are 100% bio-based advanced materials, derived from the castor plant, offering improved elastic return properties and flexibility compared to other polyamides, biocompatibility, great chemical resistance, excellent resistance to sterilization techniques (steam, gamma, ETO), lightweight, and superior dimensional stability. 
  • Rilsamid® MED polyamide 12 grades are used in medical applications that require the strength and performance characteristics of a true thermoplastic, while also requiring sufficient flexibility and elongation. 
  • Kynar® MED PVDF can easily be processed on conventional equipment. A large processing window allows Kynar® MED PVDF to be safely injection molded, extruded or injection blow molded. Kynar® MED PVDF exhibits excellent chemical resistance, high barrier properties, excellent abrasion resistance, high tensile strength and can be sterilized using Gamma, ETO and steam.