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Continuing the effort to capitalize on synergies between Arkema’s fluoropolymer and polyamide product lines, the Technical Polymers business is pleased to announce the addition of new Kynar® PVDF powder coatings.

“For several decades, Arkema has been a well-known supplier of Rilsan® Fine Powders specialty polyamide powder coatings,” said Adrien Lapeyre, global market manager for Arkema’s technical polymer powders. “We are now pleased to add a new range of Kynar® fluoropolymer powder coatings to enhance our portfolio and to position ourselves as true solution providers for the industry,” said Lapeyre. “Until now, our flagship polyamide 11 powder coatings have enabled us to become the industry benchmark for heavy duty durability, impact resistance and flexibility. We now add extreme chemical resistance and inertness to our list of features,” he noted.

Kynar® PVDF is very well known globally as a premium fluoropolymer brand offering extreme resistance to chemicals, UV exposure, acids and bases. Included in the new powder product line are Kynar Flex® 2850 PC and Kynar® ADX Flex 281 targeting applications which require varying levels of flexibility, adhesion, and differing application methods. Both spray and dip coating options are available as well as primerless options using Arkema’s patented Kynar® ADX technology. Kynar Flex® 2850PC can be spray applied in thicker layers than most fluoropolymers, making it a ‘process friendly’ powder coating.

The new Kynar® PVDF powder coatings should be considered for the protection of small metal chemical storage tanks, high purity manufacturing components, valves, pumps, ducts, and other chemical handling or mining equipment subjected to acids, halogenated chemicals, petrochemicals, continued abrasion, and continuous exposure temperatures of up to 95°C. Kynar Flex® 2850 PC powder coatings may be safely used in articles intended for repeated contact with food per Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 1, part 177.2600, and is USP Class 6 compliant for applications in the biotech industry.


Vincent Hallade

Global market manager Orgasol® and Rilsan® Fine Powders

+33 1 49 00 72 96