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Kynar Flex® solutions

One way to dramatically reduce the cell assembly time and lower overall production costs is to use adhesive-type separators. The LBG separator coating series demonstrates outstanding adhesion while maintaining a high degree of flexibility. Regardless of being combined with ceramics, Kynar Flex® LBG grades allow an excellent balance between phase separation, adhesion to electrode (dry and wet), cohesion of the coating, and electrolyte uptake. With separator coatings being somewhat of an “art,” Arkema provides the most comprehensive range of polymers, allowing a broad selection of tailored solutions.

Kynar Flex® LBG >> the first separator coating solution
Kynar Flex® LBG 8200 >> the portfolio extension
Kynar Flex® LBG 2200 LX >> the water-borne solution

Extending the range:
Kynar Flex® LBG 8200

Kynar Flex® LBG 8200 effectively increases adhesion by 50% compared to the original Kynar Flex® LBG. With an increased molecular weight and subtle functionalization, Kynar Flex® LBG 8200 extends the performance range of the LBG series for separator coatings.

Dynamic mechanical thermal analysis of separator coatings soaked in electrolyte

Swelling correlates with the thermal-mechanical behavior of the separator coating, as seen in the graph above. The competitive separator coating evaluated essentially dissolves completely in electrolyte when exposed to 60ºC heat. Therefore, when high performance is required at elevated temperature, the Kynar Flex® LBG series is a better option.



Water based solutions – Kynar Flex® LBG 2200 LX (Latex)

LX technology is the most stable PVDF latex that can be shipped all over the world. With Arkema’s decades of expertise in water-borne, latex coatings (Kynar Aquatec®), our researchers now extend the LBG separator coating series to water-based Kynar Flex® LBG 2200 LX. This new grade also has unmatched shelf-life stability with very high solids content and maintains similar performance to the original LBG grade. Arkema is committed to developing sustainable solutions and this new water-based technology for lithium ion batteries is the result of our dedication.




Non-coated separator

Al2O3 / LBG

Al2O3 / LBG 2200 LX

SEM image non-coated-separator-crop141x141.png al2o3-lbg-coated-separator-crop238x238.png al2o3-lbg2200lx-coated-separator-crop116x116.png
Thickness (µm) 20 25 26–28
Gurley value (sec/100c air)




Resistance 1.211 1.485 1.535
Ionic conductivity 0.821 0.837 0.875
Conductance (S) 0.826 0.673 0.651