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The Kynar® HSV series of PVDF binders offers fast dissolution, easy processing, high throughput, stable slurry viscosity, and very high adhesion through many cycles and wide temperature fluctuations. Lower binder loading can be achieved while maintaining high adhesion through Arkema’s careful control of functionalization of the binder resin. This allows for higher concentrations of active materials, lower internal resistance, and high cohesion across the electrode.

Kynar® HSV 900 >> the industry reference
Kynar® HSV 1800 >> the 2nd generation
Kynar® HSV 1810 >> the 3rd generation


With high adhesion at lower loading levels, the Kynar® HSV series enables higher energy densities due to the increased active material content. HSV series binders also demonstrate low swelling levels in common solvents and electrolytes (even at high temperatures – up to 80ºC).

Active material compatibility

It is critical for binder solutions to provide high adhesion properties no matter what active material is being used. The Kynar® HSV series maintains excellent adhesion properties with: LCO, LFP, LMO, NMC, and NCA. Please contact our team for compatibility with other materials.

Next-generation: Kynar® HSV 1810

The Kynar® HSV series really stands out by retaining performance and adhesion in a variety of scenarios (i.e. bending, electrolytes, heat exposure), and also improving the processing qualities that we know are extremely important to efficiently produce lithium ion battery cells. A wider processing window enables battery manufacturers to tune their processes and construct their cells using the most efficient methods possible. In the end, easier and faster processing can lead to cost reduction and higher throughput, and the new Kynar® HSV 1810 can help manufacturers achieve their stretch goals in operations.



Balanced adhesion & flexibility

Retained performance after exposure to electrolyte is extremely important for the long-term performance of the battery cell. Batteries are also subjected to many mechanical stresses so binders that can maintain adhesion without cracking after being flexed are critical to serving the battery market of the future. Kynar® HSV 1810 exhibits outstanding flexibility compared to competitive binders on the market.